Album Review :
Sinai Vessel - O Creator EP

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Band: Sinai Vessel

Release Date: August 2009

Label: N/A

Reviewed By: Chris W

Track Listing:

01. Dust

02. Listening

03. Jealous For Us

04. We Are Escaped

05. Formula

06. O Creator

Sinai Vessel is a 1 man praise and worship project of Caleb Cordes, one of our forum members and a regular to the IVM site. Honestly despite their best intentions much of modern worship acts bore me. Sinai Vessel is indie rock in the vein of My Epic, Copeland, or As Cities Burn with obvious influence from the ambient/post-rock sounds of Sigur Ros among others.

Of the six tracks on theO Creator EP my favorite is by far “Listening” it opens very softly and has soft and subtle percussion as it builds and then it opens up with the same passion and intensity of any song on Copeland’s Beneath Medicine Tree.  There is no lack of substance here, the six song EP is literally a second short of being 40 minutes long. The title track alone is 9 minutes and opens with a man speaking about his interpretation of the word worship, followed by lyrics about God’s healing role of a Father to Christians. All of the lyrics on the album are well thought out and intelligent. As with any artist there is room for growth and improvement, there are a few points where the vocals go off key but nothing anywhere near horrible.

[Overall] Caleb has not only brought a worshipful heart to the table, but a sense of melody and a passion to write intelligent and well crafted songs to support what that heart wants to convey. The O Creator EP has and will continue to receive a heavy amount of play on my iPod.

[Buy] Download the “O Creator” Ep right here. Check his music out on myspace here.