Album Review :
See The Light - Maranatha

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Band: See The Light
Title: Maranatha
Label: Unsigned
Review By: Stephen M

01. The Invitation
02. Sights Set Dead Ahead
03. Brave The Seas
04. Maranatha
05. Readers Beware… You Choose The Scare

See The Light is a six-piece band that is impossible to put in just one genre. STL can be best described as a Heavy Worship band, taking it to both extremes. To at points having the similar softness of The Glorious Unseen and at other moments having the similar heavy guttural growls of Daniel from Zao. This is something you rarely find in a band – this makes it original and worth listening to over and over.

Maranatha is See The Light’s latest EP bringing passion, heartfelt lyrics and dazzling music. Maranatha is Aramaic for “O Lord, Come.” That is what this whole album is about – crying out to God asking him to fill our hearts. Since I mentioned what the title of the CD means, let me jump into breaking down some of lyrics in these songs. The songs talk about as humans how we struggle with the sin in our lives. The lyrics are biblically based and that is one of the things I appreciate most about this band. They create all their songs to glorify and bring praise to our God. Here are a few examples of this: “Conformed to this world. Open our eyes Lord. We long to see. “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you” (Matthew 6:33). You are my treasure.” The beginning of “Readers Beware… You choose the scare” starts off by saying: “Page by page we flip through. Our lives a story, ourselves the authors. This our attempt, our attempt to find meaning. We search for joy in these worldly offerings.” and the song finishes with, “Jesus it is in You we find everlasting joy. It is in You we find everlasting pleasure. Lift His holy name. “He came that they might have life, and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10) Jesus, we thirst for you. You came for us Father, we will never forget. He came for us, we will never forget.” There is amazing truth in the lyrics this band creates and I deeply encourage everyone to read the lyrics as you listen to this band.

Musically, See The Light blew me out of my seat the first time I listened to them. I had never heard of this band before and I got an e-mail from Bear (vocals) asking me to review their CD. The first time I listened through it, I was surprised and filled with Joy. The EP starts off with the song titled “The Invitation” and right out of the gates I thought I was listening to a Worship band similar to The Glorious Unseen. I was filled with chills going through my body as I was listening. The last 60 seconds of the song transitions into a heavy breakdown which in turn left me with my jaw to the floor. I smiled and was incredibly excited for what I was about to hear. This EP is so diverse it makes each song unique and creates a new listening experience each time you listen to it.  The songs could be filled with guttural screams from Bear or driving keys from Mike, there is no shortage of musical talent this band possesses.

See The Light is a upcoming band that is sure to make an impact on the Christian music market. I encourage everyone to check out See The Light’s newest EP titled Maranatha.