Album Review :
Redemption - Demo EP

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Band: Redemption
Album: Demo EP
Label: N/A
Reviewed By: Chris W

In the realm of hardcore, originality is virtually nonexistent. What I see as important in a hardcore group is their passion and their message. You have your bands that constantly sing about winning “the fight” but what fight are they really singing about? Then there’s the band that sing so much about family, unfortunately for all their family oriented lyricism, the scene is more divided than ever.

When it comes to Redemption, they have more to sing about, and it’s in their name. The songs are short, sweet and to the point. They are fast paced old hardcore. Of the five tracks there are four songs with vocals and one instrumental track called Intro Jam (which is strangely next to last on the cd and track listing).

While this is by far not the best out there, for a band who’s not been around for all that long it’s is an excellent start. It hearkens back to the greats such as No Innocent Victim. They have potential, I’m excited to see what comes next from these guys.

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