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Phil Joel - Deliberate People

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Band: Phil Joel
Title: The Deliberate People Album
Label: Indelible
Release Date: 9.12.06
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Time Alone
02. Desperate
03. Changed
04. Burning Down
05. Drainpipe
06. Drown
07. Ordinary Day
08. Awe
09. Return
10. Jealous
11. Still Desperate

Phil Joel returns, after a 4 year solo hiatus, to present his new ministry based release. Long time bassist for the Australian super group, Newsboys, Phil has changed styles and has presented a solid, praise-filled, solo effort. The album was recorded in Joel’s own garage and independently released in early 2006. A good seven months after that Indelible picked up the effort and released it to the world.

“The Deliberate People Album” is based out of Phil’s (along with wife Heather) ministry of the same name. The lyrical approach is honest and straightforward and based straight out of the Bible, with each song having a corresponding passage from Scripture. The lyrics are not praise & worship in a congregational way, but praise pouring from a man’s soul. Joel offers honest introspection, bearing his heart and mind, which is a pleasant change from typical praise anthems.

Musically, the tracks are mostly acoustic-driven pop melodies. However, there’s a decent amount of variety on this album. Some songs opt for the ambient feel (“Time Alone”), some for catchy, pop-oriented acoustic tunes (“Desperate”), as well as rockier tracks (“Changed”, “Drown”).

Overall Rating: Unfortunately the style is not a personal favorite of mine. Joel does manage to present a solid effort that many will find encouraging and pleasant. I actually found myself enjoying a few of the tracks.

Standout Tracks: “Awe”, “Time Alone”, “Changed”

Marketability: A nice change from the norm and obviously a huge market because of the Newsboys connection. The release should do quite well and hopefully grow his ministry, which is the main focus.

Similar To: Travis, Newsboys

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