Album Review :
Me and the Trinity - Crux

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Band: Me and the Trinity
Album: Crux
Label: Hotfoot Records
Release: 12.9.14
Reviewer: Brody

  1. Blind
  2. Gown
  3. Judge
  4. Learn
  5. See

When reflecting on Hotfoot Records, images of chaotic hardcore bands that embody the spirit of rock and roll always come to mind. Frenzied live shows filled with blood, sweat, and saliva have always translated extremely well to CD for Hotfoot artists; making it extremely easy for everyone to get an authentic live performance any time they like.

Me and the Trinity, Hotfoot’s newest signing, is certainly not an exception to the label’s tried and true roster. The Savannah, Georgia natives bring an eclectic blend of mathy hardcore with a tinge of southern swagger to the table for their label debut, “Crux”.

Blind begins with slow and thick acoustic guitars, bristling with southern twang reminiscent to Deliverance before launching an uppercut of chaos into the listener’s jaw. Me and the Trinity does not fall into the trap most heavy bands do of simply chugging in order to sound heavy. On the contrary, the riffs are groovy and meaty, never coming across as lazy or uninspired.

The furiousity found on Gown is rivaled by few in the genre. This offering is one of the more hardcore tracks on the album, choosing to employ power chords and a more formal structure rather than the chaotic tendancies the band typically leans towards. The breakdown found within the last 40 seconds of the track is one of the best moments on the album due to it’s sheer hugeness and inequivalent amount of groove.

The lead single off of “Crux” is Judge, one of the album’s most unpredictable and ever-changing tracks. Just when you think you have the rhythm figured out, the band shows off their skill and throws a wrench in the works. Every member of the band fires on all cylinders in the frenzy of finger taps and double bass beats, making Judge a clear stand-out.

Learn is my personal favorite track on the record. This barn burner is fraught with off kilter rhythms and stop-start riffs that conjure images of flailing limbs and two-stepping bodies. The racious jam melds slowly into the sombre and downbeat closer, See.

The album finishes out in a rather unexpected, yet entirely appropriate fashion. See begins with nothing more than vocalist Tim Burnsed’s passionate howling and reverb drenched guitars.

The track slowly builds up with tons of atmosphere and groove without dabbling into much of the chaos the group shows earlier in the album. See shows a ton of songwriting skill from the group with them stepping outside of their normal comfort zone and playing around with a classical piano interlude before going into one of the most head-bobbing riffs on the album before coming to a close.

Overall: Me and the Trinity are a great signing to an already stacked roster of passionate and exciting bands on Hotfoot. The Georgia natives have something to bring to the table for everyone who digs music remotely heavy; be it chaotic riffs, wild leads, or frenzied double bass. Be on the lookout for Me at the Trinity this upcoming year to make a splash.

RIYL: Shook Like Dead Men | Not One is Upright | Conquerors