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Luther-N - Dogmatics

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Band: Luther-N

Album: Dogmatics

Label: YoungSide Records

Release Date:

Reviewed By: Chris W


01: The Atonement

02: Rest In Peace

03: Confession

04: Show Me Now

05: I Believe

06: Just By Faith

07: The Show

08: Nobody Move

09: The Table

10: Take My Life

11: Reformation

Christian industrial has pretty much stayed in the background of the general music scene. With only a few bands making any kind of name for themselves such as Mortal, Circle Of Dust, and Klank. The cold hard fact in my experience is that when it comes to industrial your either good or downright awful, there’s not much of a middle ground. Luther-N is a project from Shane Sowers of Junker Jorg.

Luther-N plays a more melodic brand of industrial and unlike many industrial artists can actually carry a melody vocally. There is also more of a synth presence than most, creating a blend of synthesizer melodies and the bizarre noises that help to give industrial it’s sound. Vocally, the lyrics are not barked and half spoken half sung as is standard, Shane brings a strong sense of vocal melody to the songs that makes them so much more enjoyable and more than once I found myself singing along. The guitars tend to lean more to the chug chug rhythmic chords than to melody, which is fine because as said earlier the vocals and synths do a fine job of carrying the songs melodically. Lyrically Luther-N is the most outspoken about his faith of the christian industrial bands I’ve heard. The only shortcoming being that it sometimes comes off as cheesy Musically it reminds me a lot of Nine Inch Nail’s With Teeth album and some of Mortal’s more melodic work

Overview: Honestly this is the best industrial album I’ve heard since Mortal was still an active band.



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