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Love Begotten - The Great Unrest

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Band: Love Begotten
Title: The Great Unrest
Label: N/A
Reviewed By: Chris W

Track Listing:
1.I Don’t Wanna Die Without Scars
2.The Horse and It’s Rider
3. The Real McCoy
4.You Sound Like You’re From New York

Please welcome newcomers to  the arena of chaotic metal-core so long dominated by bands like Norma Jean, The Chariot, and Botch: Love Begotten. This five piece hailing from Oklahoma has recently unleashed a four track auditory beating on the music world. 

This is my style of metal for sure. It’s the reason I found bands like the ones mentioned earlier to be so awesome. Simply put, it is unpredictable. Sure people will call them out and say “They stole their sound from Botch” just like they did to Norma Jean back in the day. But in a world full of big name rip offs I was surprised to find this EP to be both exciting and refreshing all at every turn. Off timed guitar parts, discordant riffs, odd rhythms, and exceptional vocals. All of these elements Love Begotten has put together very well. And on top of it all are some pretty bold lyrics. While not lyrical masterpieces by any means, they’re bold and aren’t hiding behind obscure metaphors. This EP is a short but brutal assault. Not only is it musically well done, but the production is impressive as well. I can actually hear the bass as a separate instrument unlike many albums. Especially on the track The Real McCoy as it starts off with a downright dirty low rhythmic bass-line accompanied only by the drums. 

Overall:  For a unknown band this is an excellent debut. I would recommend putting this band on your list of ones to watch if you like any of the other bands mentioned.



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