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Lost Ocean - Lost Ocean

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Artist: Lost Ocean
Album: Lost Ocean
Label: Credential Records
Release Date: February 20, 2007
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Believe
2. Still Life
3. Just Glide
4. You Are
5. Mute
6. Dreams
7. Everything Is
8. Trust
9. Lights
10. Vast

Imagine yourself lying in the middle of the Atlantic. The water is a comfortable 86 degrees, the sun is pleasantly bright, and you’re being gently rocked by the waves beneath you. The birds overhead are singing in perfect harmony, and there is little thought of anything else. Then you wake up and remember you are actually lying on your water bed listening to Lost Ocean. This indie band from Bakersfield, California debuted last year with a five song EP on Credential Records and has now returned with a self-titled full length.

“Believe” christens your 45 minute Atlantic voyage with soundscapes that can only be described as lush. The grand elaboration behind the guitars, piano, drums, bass, and vocals on “Still Life” gingerly bring the listener up and down with hints of a storm in the distance, but the clouds soon pass and a happier, radio-friendly “Just Glide” takes over with relaxing harmonization during the chorus. The piano, drums, and bass of “You Are” are a call to stop floating on the water and join the smooth dance party breaking out on deck of your cruise ship. After a few minutes, you take your dance partner by the hand and walk to an excluded part of the ship to quietly gaze over the ocean as “Mute” plays. Still not wanting to leave this beautiful view and each other’s company, you stay in place for “Dreams.” A brief kiss goodbye, and you are soon climbing back down to the water to float in peace during “Everything Is.” The relaxing “Trust” finds you drifting in and out of consciousness, but as “Lights” begins, you start to miss your significant other and search all over this enormous ship trying to find him or her. The piano gives you hope, and you finally make that last turn with “Vast” to see him or her sitting in the sun reading classic literature. He or she looks up, you make eye contact, and both of you instantly know that the next five minutes and thirty one seconds will be spent slow dancing. After a minute of silence, which you probably spent continuing your slow dance despite a lack of music, Lost Ocean makes a brief return before your ship calmly arrives back at the dock.

Some of the waves were a little rocky, and others lulled you to sleep. Best of all, you got to dance with that special someone twice. Lost Ocean’s self-titled release is relaxing but never boring, light but never poppy. While not a major player on your cruise, the piano added the finishing touches that made this cruise so much better than the last one. It is true that a few will not know how to float and with this CD sink to the bottom of the ocean, but for those that connect with the waves, it will be a vacation to remember.


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