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Joy Electric - Curiosities and Such

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Artist: Joy Electric
Title: Curiosities And Such
Label: eepSociety
Release Date: April 21, 2009
Review By: Chris W


01.Curiosities And Such
02.Which Witch
03. Headley Grange
04. Let Us Speak No More, Let Us Speak Light
05. Cluster Of Bare Trees
06. Misuses, Atrocities

Joy Electric is the Tooth & Nail anomaly that’s been consistently putting out albums since 1994. And yet with all the albums and EP’s he’s put out just under the name Joy Electric (approximately 24 including a unplugged and a Christmas album). I’ve yet to find a single album by him that doesn’t have it’s own unique feel to it. This new mini album Curiosities and Such is no different.

Curiosities and Such maintains some the same playful upbeat feel from My Grandfather, The Cubist but at the same time having a ominous, dark and sad feeling to it. The title track uses such lyrics as “unleash your grasp from my throat” and talks of a tormented soul. “Which Witch” has to be one my favorite Joy Electric tracks ever released. It has a interesting melody at the chorus, the verses speak of losing your way and being tricked/deceived. “Headley Grange” is an instrumental with a haunting feel to it, it reminds me of the ghost house music from the old Super Mario games. There is also an element on this track that appears seldom in Joy Electric‘s music, a piano-esque synth. All of this is backed up by some odd feedback sounds. “Let Us Speak No More, Let Us Speak Light” is the only other track on the album with vocals. It is probably my least favorite track on the album, the chorus being repeated over and over, it seems to be never ending. “Cluster Of Bare Trees” is another instrumental with a heavy ominous bass line and a drifting melody. Once again it has a dark wintery feel to it. “Misuses Atrocities”, there’s not much to say about because it is a instrumental version of the title track Curiosities and Such. I found this odd so I went to the Joy Electric website to find an answer, and I did in the form of a  post from Ronnie Martin in the forum. “A lot of older bands I grew up with would put instrumental versions of their singles on their 12 inches and EP’s, so since I had never done that I thought it might be interesting for people to hear just what everything sounds like without the vocals. It wouldn’t work with a lot of songs, but I thought C&S was a melodic enough piece in its own right.”

Overall: This album is a short glimpse into the darker side of Joy Electric. Overall a strong album for one that is half instrumental. The mix is gorgeous and I can’t get enough of it. The songs have been stuck in my head on continuous repeat since it arrived in my mailbox. Definitely a must for any Joy Electric Fan and a good start for anyone unfamiliar with his previous work.

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