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I Am Terrified - I Am Terrified EP

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Artist:I Am Terrified
Album:I Am Terrified-EP
Label:Gotee Records
Reviewed By:Caleb T

Track Listing:
01.Falling On Everlasting
02.Heaven Knocking, Hell Rising
03.To The Service
04.Velvet Thunder
05.The Parting
06.Some Glad Morning

A while back when I got word that the Alabama act I Am Terrified were going to sign with Mono vs. Stereo/Gotee Records I was so excited. I have seen these guys 5 times over the past few years and I was happy that their hard work and dedication was finally being recognized. Then I find out that a new ep is in the works and is due out in the summer and again I was thrilled. I opened the cd and couldn’t wait to put it in the player…and then I did.

My first impression was what happened? Are you sure they sent me the right cd? I started to listen and it didnt seem like it was the same band I used to know. I could barely recognize Paddy’s vocals. Despite my initial shock I began to settle in and enjoy. If you are familiar with their previous work when they were know as Fixed Til Tuesday, you will be happy and pleased to know that they still maintain to have some of the most spiritual and powerful lyrics out. There is no doubt when you listen that they are truly on fire for the Lord.

The music is a lot darker than their previous stuff as well. With two new additions came a different direction musically. And it works. This new directions adds even more to their already powerful and thought provoking lyrics. I do hope they continue to move in this direction musically while maintaining the fun and upbeat appearance they give off.

The record starts off with Falling On Everlasting that displays and ultimate love and trust for Jesus and encourages us to share the gospel. Right off the bat you know that I Am Terrified is the real deal and they are here to stay. Next come Heaven Knocking, Hell Rising which tells the awesome story of the return of God. The cd ends with Some Glad Morning. This song is full of hope of what is to come and was the perfect song to end up this ep.

At first I was a little skeptical of the new I Am Terrified. I was so used to hearing them sound a certain was for so long it was hard to accept this newish sound from them. After i got over that I realized how far they have come and how far they can go. These are great guy who do what they do because they truly love the Lord and they deserve everything that comes their way. I hope they continue to build on their success and blow me away when they debut their full lenght.

Overall rating: 8/10

Standout tracks: “Heaven Knocking, Hell Rising”, “The Parting”, “Velvet Thunder”

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