Album Review :
Hearts In Stereo - A Tale Of Two Worlds

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Band: Hearts In Stereo
Title: A Tale of Two Worlds
Label: Independent
Release Date: July 2010
Reviewer: Shawn H.


  1. Alive
  2. Home
  3. Tale Of Two Worlds
  4. One Of The Few
  5. You Are
  6. Another Day
  7. Get Ready To Go
  8. Wake Up
  9. Action Sequence
  10. Fight Song
  11. Fireflies
  12. Breakaway

Mini-Bio (taken from MySpace):

After releasing their debut album “In the Shadow of Giants” in 2009, Hearts in Stereo is back again in 2010 with their new album “A Tale of Two Worlds.” Since their last release the group of five have settled into their sound and discovered new synergy through group writing, allowing each member to add his own creative touch to each composition. From memorable and fun songs like Alive and Get Ready to Go which will get you rocking and jumping with the rest of the crowd, to slower and thoughtful songs like ‘Another Day and ‘Fireflies’, the album will keep you glued to your stereo the whole way through.

The band’s live show is powerful and energetic and forces even the most reluctant crowds to loosen up, have fun, rock out and enjoy life a little. Their intensity and determination to have fun is contagious and it becomes immediately apparent from their on-stage unity that beyond being performers, that the guys are great friends. “Yeah we are close … like a family, a group of brothers in a lot of ways” says front man Josh Barbour, “We also thrive off the community we experience with our fans and we want the whole room to be a part of what we’re doing, it’s more fun that way.” The band has a common touch about them and a great connection with their fans on and off the stage making friends wherever they go. You can often catch them after a show out to dinner or having coffee with a group of their fans sharing stories and laughing up a storm.

The band is clear about their role as entertainers but are also open about the fact that much of their music is born out of themes that relate to their faith in Jesus Christ. “We also want to build into people’s lives and learn from them too you know. We want people to realize that at some point you need to sort out your own world view and wrestle with what’s out there and discover you own faith.” says Barbour. “We all have questions about our origin, our purpose and our destiny and what we don’t want is for people to be complacent or apathetic and avoid engaging in finding answers to these important questions. We hope our music can encourage people to delve into their own earnest search for God and at least read the gospel for themselves and make their own decisions.” says guitarist Jonny Melo. “We’re not here to tell people what to do or to sell anything, but that’s who we are.” says bassist Ryan Chenkie.

The new album “A Tale of Two Worlds” will be available July 27, 2010 and a free single will be available on Myspace on May 31, 2010. The band will be touring during the month of August making stops in Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. If you want to have a rocking good night of fun come out and join a Hearts in Stereo party near you.


This sophomore release brings a familiar sound from these young musicians from the Great White North’s capital (for you non-Canadians, that’s Ottawa!). Joshua’s mixture of soft/hard vocals keeps every track a newly genuine surprise. There is everything from soft rock, to hard rock, to screamo on this album. These young musicians haven’t changed their style too much since their last album, In The Shadows Of Giants. Tracks that stand out include “Home”, “Wake Up” & “Get Ready To Go”. These guys are slowly making a name for themselves in their native country & will surely make an impact on the USA once they have a chance to invade that territory!