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Finchley - Walking with Angels EP

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Artist: Finchley
Album: Walking with Angels EP
Label: None
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Walking with Angels
2. Prodigal
3. In the Wind
4. Struggle On

Having led the rock band Supervision for a few years, Ian Finch recently decided it was time to go solo. Coming from Liverpool, this is a man in good musical company. His songs are relaxing, even at their climaxes. Acoustic and soft electric guitars are blended together for a radio-ready feel that maintains indie accessibility. Finchley’s voice smoothly brings it together, and the piano laces work well to complete the sound. Even the more passionate chorus of “In the Wind” has a mellow feel to it like one of the softer songs from The Fray, Snow Patrol, or even Switchfoot. As I’ve listened to this record over the past few days to prepare for this review, I’ve grown to love the last track, “Struggle On.” It’s a completely piano-based track (along the lines of the slow piano songs from Death Cab for Cutie or Coldplay), and the chorus already gets stuck in my head, singing “Didn’t I give it all to you? Didn’t I give up all for you? Didn’t I make you to company with me? But you struggle on.” It’s really a beautifully moving song, and even if you don’t like the other three songs, this fourth one makes it all worthwhile.


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