Album Review :
Faith Factor - Against A Darkened Sky

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Band: Faith Factor
Album: Against a Darkened Sky
Label: Retroactive Records
Reviewed by: Dale H

Some say power metal is dead in the USA but I am here to tell you it’s NOT!!! There is a Power Metal band hailing from southern New Jersey and that band is Faith Factor. After their EP “07/07/07” comes their best stuff yet under their new debut album, “AGAINST A DARKENED SKY”. Throughout the years some have stated that one power metal band is the same as another, but they would be forced to rethink their postion after listening to “AGAINST A DARKENED SKY”.

This is one solid album from the begining to the end!! Let me tell you a few things that stand out about the album… After the album’s intro it opens with ‘Keep it true” and wow! What a track it is! This pretty much has all you’d want from a Faith factor song – heavy riffage, a powerful melodic chorus, killer guitar work, vocals are outstanding, etc. Track 4 “In God`s Shadow” is my favorite song on this album. It’s in your face metal!! After the first 5 tracks, ‘In Remembrance” comes in, and wow, what a beautiful piece. This is great power ballad.

What impressed me the most about the album is there is no songs off the “07/07/07” ep on it..It`s 10 new origonal songs. This album contains well written songs, combined with great guitar work, that retains a tasteful quality to it…

Furthremore, I simply cannot review this album without stressing that the message of God is the basis of the music on this album!!! This is my pick for Best Album of 2008.