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Everyday Sunday - Wake Up! Wake Up!

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Artist: Everyday Sunday
Album: Wake Up! Wake Up!
Label: Inpop Records
Release Date: May 22, 2007
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1.  Let’s Go Back
2. Wake Up! Wake Up!
3. Take Me Out
4. Find Me Tonight
5. Apathy for Apologies
6. I’ll Get over It (Miss Elaineous)
7. What We’re Here For
8. Now You’re Gone
9. Tell Me You’ll Be There
10. From Me to You

Joining the Flicker Records roster in 2002, Everyday Sunday released the instant hit, Stand Up.  Videos for “Lose It Again” and “Wait” could be seen frequently on Christian rock video programs such as TVU, and the buzz was flying. They were highly unique among pop rock bands of the day. The sound was refreshingly different, and Trey Pearson’s voice was impossible to compare to anyone else’s. Now on their third album, Everyday Sunday have switched over to Inpop Records to pick up basically right where they left off.

On the first few listens, a few things will become apparent. One, Everyday Sunday hasn’t changed much of anything about their sound. Two, that is not at all a bad thing. Much like Anberlin, Mae, or MxPx, this band has continued perfecting one sound instead of trying to branch out and trying to incorporate a lot of new ideas, gaining and losing whole groups of fans with each release.  It will also be pretty obvious that this is a band that’s got everything together. Their sound is tight.  The lyrics aren’t cliché, which is increasingly hard in this genre, apparently.  The catchy and smartly-crafted melodies could easily be heard on any radio station, from the quick-paced opening “Let’s Go Back” with a vocal track so fast that five years ago it might have been mistaken for a rap, to the thoughtful “Apathy for Apologies” with chord arrangements that could have just as easily been found on a Relient K record. Overall, Wake Up! Wake Up!, is packed with excitement and energy, but carefully balanced out and avoiding the prepubescent sound of some of their peers.

This is one of those albums that I wouldn’t run out and buy myself, but if my friend bought it, I would be excited and ask to listen to it in said friend’s car. It’s a fun listen for a few times through, and enjoyable, but I fear that it lacks any substantial lasting value. But even if it doesn’t stay a regular listen for a long time, it will be a worthy listen for a short time. Everyday Sunday know what they’re doing and they do it well,  but there’s a little more needed before they’ll be considered greats.


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