Album Review :
Come Wind - Wanderer O' Wanderer

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Band: Come Wind
Title: Wanderer O’ Wanderer
Label: None
Release Date: June 19, 2010
Reviewer: Otto G.


  1. All The Same
  2. Not Enough
  3. Bricks
  4. Midas
  5. Life & Only Life
  6. Herein Is Love

There are two different seasons in my life: the first one when I was a kid of thirteen years old I used to listen to punk and ska music, the second one nowadays I listen Post hardcore and Metalcore bands, but when my head is tired of hear all that noise I break my own musical taste just for relax myself with a more softer sound

As some of you guys probably may have noticed I have a job just for fun in my free time I usually search on myspace to discover some new music, but most of the bands I find are Metalcore, screamo or post hardcore, �it�s hard to find an alternative band worth to listen, but in one of those occasions I found Come Wind.

Come Wind is a truly talented four piece progressive/indie rock band from Canton Ohio that is super under rated, so now is the time to break� these boundaries and give them� a chance to be a part of our music players. These guys have a solid sound that reminds a lot COME NOW SLEEP of AS CITIES BURN, but why? The guitar riffs are very similar especially, the first time when I heard the intro of �Life & Only Life� the only one song I could remember was �Empires� of As Cities Burn, then I asked myself:� Why Tooth & Nail still doesn�t sign them ?.

Musically� they are talented gents, Aaron Troyer, their lead guitar player has a passion for �tapping� in most of the songs, also, you can feel the quality of a tube amp on each song and enjoy a very nice driven sound, the vocals are generally clean but there are some occasionally screams in the songs �Herein� and �Not Enough�.

Speaking of lyrics, their messages are spiritually deep and encourage you to do something� good for yourself and for this world, consider the song �Life & Life� which say: �I hope you find your way and live, Wanderer O� Wanderer I hope you find� something that�s real and live/I�m getting older but not old enough to know what I�m supposed to do before I die�, or consider the song ��Not Enough�which say �I have compassion somewhere inside will you hear it in my words ; or feel it through my hands? � I have these hands but where�s my heart ? where is yours ?.

My favorite track is by far �Bricks� because it is a nice piece of art that I can hear once and once again for weeks, but I love all the tracks in this EP.

Overall: This is a great debut EP from a very talented band, with honest-heartfelt and positive lyrics that christian people should listen,� definitely if you�re a fan of As Cities Burn, Ocean Is Theory, or any progressive indie rock band with technical and melodic interludes, then you will fall in love with Come Wind.