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Child Like Faith - s/t

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Band: Child Like Faith
Title: s/t
Label: N/A
Release Date: 2009
Review By: Scott L


01. Median Seeds
02. Fish
03. Breather of the Stars
04. Shine
05. Woman Spy

Child Like Faith is a 4-piece out of Maryland. Their style is kind of a mix of Cool Hand Luke, Edison Glass and American Football. Yeah, I know… kind of almost an acoustic-tinged ambient indie-rock. Less big hooks, more big feelings. Think of them as the Myriad, but just starting to feel their way into the industry.

Musically, the weakest link is probably the lead vocals. At times they come across as beautifully passionate and full of life, at other times they seem off key and grating. Time, practice, and better production values could make all the difference. Backing vocals were generally good. Instrumentation was all well-crafted. Particularly the guitars which really head things together throughout the EP. Nothing got lost anywhere in the mix, but an able producer could really help these guys turn the page with their music. But for the most part, big production takes big cash, and for these young men, at least one of whom is attending college, cash may be at a premium. So save your laundry money, the skill is there, it just needs a little coaxing and a bit of polish.

As far as the band’s message is concerned, they don’t dance around any issues or pull any punches. Like in the song “Shine”: We are a generation so needy for the truth / You are God our Father / God we’re desperate for You / We are Your children / And You are our Father / We will follow after You / We will shine / Shine / Shine for You our Father.” Both worship-oriented and introspective. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a band with the name, Child Like Faith. Four young men believing God for great things.

Standout track was “Fish”, a song that mixes an ethereal vibe with a strong dose of passion. In all honesty, I could probably throw the word passion into just about every sentence of this review. Because if there’s one thing that jumps right out at you through the course of listening to this EP, it’s that these guys are all about the passion.

Straight from the horse’s mouth… or at least the horse’s MySpace, as the case may be: “Child Like Faith is a Christ inspired band consisting of Matthew, Mancari, Micah, and Nicholas. Four friends who love one another, on a musical adventure. To bind together a variety of ideas forming a new song that glorifies their savior is something they will never grow tired from. Come and meet us, as we would love to meet your face.”

Overall: If you’re into some mellow indie-rock from a young band with loads of potential (and passion)… or if you ever wondered what it would be like to ride on the back of a two-headed giraffe… Child Like Faith is your ticket to discovery.