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Andy Hunter - Colour

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Band: Andy Hunter
Title: Colour
Label: Nettwerk Music Group
Review By: JoshIVM


01. Sound Pollution
02. Stars
03. Shine
04. Miracle
05. System Error
06. Smile
07. Technicolour
08. Together
09. Fade
10. Sapphire
11. Out of Control
12. You

It has been 3 years since Andy Hunter released an album and as with most people I believe that’s far too long. He’s kept himself busy of course but this is just too long to keep fans waiting. Finally he emerges with Colour which shows him branching out and trying some new things musically. While past albums kept the pace solidly throughout this one shows a great deal more variation and plenty of slower, atmospheric sounds.

Sound Pollution” takes a good minute and a half to really get moving and up until that point it’s a more atmospheric approach. It honestly reminds me of listening to a score for an epic movie. One the song gets started though you realize this is the Andy Hunter people have come to love. The song continues to build and build until a bit of vocals are used. “Stars” is far more mellow and ethereal than the first track and focuses a lot more on vocals. It has probably the best chorus on the disc and trust me you’ll be singing along before the track ends. “System Error” is another hard hitting club track with a great beat. “Smile” is another single without a doubt. It has the other huge chorus that you’ll undoubtedly be singing along to. Be sure to expect some remixes on this song. “Technicolour” has a different sound but one non-electronica fans might remember got popular in the 90’s. I tend to skip “Fade” and “Sapphire” which are back to back because I got bored rather quickly with them. The album rounds out with two more upbeat tracks, “Out Of Control” and “You“, but I’m often ready to stop when I skip “Fade“.

Overall Rating: This probably could have been another EP and I would be happy. I prefer more upbeat and pounding rhythms rather than ethereal songs, but the ones he presents here are not bad. I do tend to skip 1/4 of the album when I listen though. However, there is no denying this man’s talent and crafting intelligent and entertaining electronic music! (7/10)

Standout Tracks: “Sound Pollution”, “Smile”, “Stars”

Nettwerk Music Group

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