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Amen. The Animal - Pray Now Destroyer

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Aritst: Amen. The Animal
Album: Pray Now Destroyer
Label: Tenfold Records
Release Date: November 21, 2006
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Carlisle
2. The Sunrise
3. Open Sky
4. Southern Night Visions of War
5. Forget That Boy
6. The Name of the Game Is…

As the CD opens with a launching scream of “Where did you go,” two thoughts come to mind. One, this band obviously likes He Is Legend (See: “The Seduction”). Two, they know how to wrap the heavy around the melodic. The hard rock parts give enough headbanging opportunity to appease any Project 86, Linkin Park, or Disturbed fan. But then the usually melodic verses seem more along the lines of Further Seems Forever or Anberlin. The melodies being sung here are somewhat generic, as is the voice singing them, but after a little getting used to, they work well to balance out this record with a well-rounded and varied sound. Then there’s the breakdown in “Southern Night Visions of War” that you should probably never listen to in your car or you’ll want to start dancing right there and cause at least a ten car pile-up (which would actually be a fitting sight to the brutal sounds pumping out of your speakers). The production is standard quality, but a few extras give an appreciated flair. The guitars add a slight southern rock feel to certain parts, not enough for it to be listed as one of their genres, but enough to improve the originality and quality of the jams. With an end that is “As graceful as a fistfight,” Pray the Destroyer rocks hard, mixing elements of hardcore, metal, alternative, rock, and more.


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