Song of the Day: Jon Webster - Uber (intermission)

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“. . . And the only alternative is to be afraid of the future.”

“You’re gonna be afraid. It’s gonna be . . .”
“You know—and I know I’m preaching to the choir but I got to get it off my chest. I get it off my chest with everybody I drive with.”
“And If you live with fear of the future then the only alternative you’ve got is to try and control the future yourself by manipulating people and circumstances.”
“But I don’t care how skillful you are, how powerful you are, how charismatic you are, you cannot guarantee that your plans are going to come to fruition in the way you want it.”

“And that combination of fear of the future and frustration in the present. If you internalize it becomes depression. If you externalize it becomes anger and violence. So in America half of us are on medication for depression and the other half are on the streets burning things down.”
“And we don’t understand what the issue is—it’s the same source. We’ve forgotten—or maybe never knew—that there’s a God who loves us. That we can trust in the future so we don’t have to live in fear.”

“He loves you more than you can imagine. He came into this world to pour his life out so you could have life. He came to show you—and demonstrate—that you can have his father’s love.”

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