VEAUX Show Me the Way Home

"Show Me the Way Home" May Be Veaux's Best Work Yet

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Earlier this week, we had a chance to talk with Nashville’s VEAUX about their new single and the stories behind it. Now you can listen to it yourself. There’s much to love on this track – there’s a certain degree of nostalgia at play musically, and the synth lines are refreshing warm for the cold fall many of us are experiencing. Thematically, the song serves as a reversal of “Wander”, where the protagonist who has ventured too far from home longs for what he once had. The track also includes an incredible guest appearance from Lauren Monogold, whose voice complements VEAUX frontman Aaron Wagner quite well.

Arguably, this is the most mature VEAUX release to date and we urge you to take a listen below for yourself.

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November 22, 2018 2:22 pm

This band has been so consistently good.

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