New Music: March 17, 2017

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Alternative & Rock

Contemporary & Pop

Folk & Singer/Songwriter

Hard Rock & Metal

Hip Hop & Rap

Praise & Worship

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6 Comments on "New Music: March 17, 2017"

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Nice list of artists. Gotta check out some of these singles!

The Christian metalcore act, Where Fire May Fail just released Worship EP. It’s posted on their bandcamp page with a name your price option. FFO: Killswitch Engage

This isn’t really in reference to new releases, but I wanted to share some links to some cool Christian bands I came across.

First is a Pop Punk Christian band from mid 2000’s called Blank Logic. FFO: MxPx, Slick Shoes, and Ataris. Free Mp3’s here:

Second band is Public Unrest a Christian hardcore punk band. FFO:Every Man’s Hero and Our Corpse Destroyed. Free Mp3’s here: Enjoy and God bless you!

Jordan smallwood

Randomly googled my old band name “blank logic” and this came up. Cool to see people still listening.


Eddie James released an album as well, Pentecost


The new Righteous Vendetta is everything I hoped it to be. Waited years for it and been listening to it non stop. Will be at the top of my list for this year.