Your Memorial announces disbanding

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Your Memorial has announced that they’re disbanding. They announced yesterday, that they will be playing their final shows for the West Coast at Facedown Fest 2017, and they will be playing their final shows in November. The band will have a new album released in the Fall, out via Facedown Records.

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John Amos

I thought they had already broken up? I mean, Redirect came out almost 5 years ago and they haven’t been super active. Stoked for one more album, though!

Chris S

What’s that album like John? Only content I’m familiar with is the single ‘Forever United’ (which I really dig) & I wonder if should check them out further.

John Amos

Absolutely, you should check out Redirect.

Mark K

Not surprised. I actually took this announcement as a huge positive because we get an album that I wasn’t sure we’d ever get. Too hard to set aside families and real jobs to pick up a band again after two years.

Rando dude