Breakaway announce new merch and near completion of full length.

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Breakaway, Christ centered street punk from New Braunfels, TX have just announced tee shirts now available for purchase. Their “Sword & Shield” design are in limited quantity, so act fast!

For those who may not remember or know, we did a “Have you heard of…” on these guys a year ago. Their sound is akin to such greats as The Havoc, Officer Negative, Unshackled, The Deal, and The Hanover Saints. They are currently finishing up their full length “Sword and Shield” which is set for release some time this winter.

They’re on fire for Christ and their lyrics and ministry is proof! Their “Those Days Are Dead” ep is currently available for a “Name your price” on their bandcamp page. This means you can go download it for free, but we encourage you to consider contributing at least a small monetary amount to help further their ministry. This ep can also be found through other digital providers such as Amazon, Itunes, Spotify, YouTube, and Apple music. Expect great things from these gents!

Enjoy and Christ bless you!

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