Corpus Christi

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First off, can you list the members of the band and what they do?

Will Henry: Vocals
Jarrod Christman (me): Guitar & Vocals
Jon Pauly: Guitar
Phil Smith: Bass
Justin Evans: Drums

Where are you guys based out of and how did you come together as a band? Has this lineup been together for awhile

We’re out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

We basically came together at the end of bands we’d been in previously.

This current line up, with the exception of Phil, has been together for a shade over a year. Chris Towning, currently of Bury Your Dead, was our bass player. When he left for B.Y.D. we called Phil. He and Will were in a band for several years together, previously. So it was a natural fit.

I know you guys had some older material on Myspace but had you put out a CD before or is your Victory debut the first?

This is our first. We had two demos prior to the record and we passed out nearly 5 thousand of those.

Speaking of Victory Records how did they find out about you guys? How has that relationship been so far?

I’m not exactly sure when they first “found out about us.” But I know they moved really quick when after we found out they were serious.

Our manager emailed Double J on a Friday, who emailed Tony on a Saturday, who set up our showcase for the following Tuesday.

And the relationship has been great so far. Everyone from the offices that either our manager, or Jon, or I have talked to seem to be more than a little excited about the record.

Where did you record ‘The Darker Shades Of White”? Who worked on the record with you?

We recorded with Ken Susi (Unearth) at his studio in Grafton, Mass.

How was the recording process for it? Did you go in with a lot of songs or just enough for the disc?

The recording was 3 very intense weeks… A lot of long hours, but it came off pretty flippin smooth.

We went to the studio with the 11 songs that made the record. There were a couple other tracks that Jon and I had in the works but we ran out of time during pre-production to finish them.

Are you pleased with how it all turned out?


There are always things that you’ll hear every time you listen to it and feel like you could have done a better job with. But who doesn’t, right?

What can we expect from the new album musically?

Music that doesn’t mess around. A song begins…. it plows… it hooks you… it ends… and hopefully you want to hear it again and again and again and again….

How about lyrically? Any topics you can share?

We cover several topics. Betrayal, suicide, redemption, hope…

I saw that you have an upcoming tour called ‘The Fresh Princes of Metal’. Any details you can share on that?

Well… Its with Wretched (Victory) and From All Within, and it kicks off with our CD release show, February 19th.

Any future touring plans after that?

There are several tours in the works and a couple that we’re not allowed to announce yet. Suffice it to say, we’ll be on the road for the majority of ’09. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you could pick a dream tour to set up and play on this year which bands would be on it?

I love this question! Headliner Down:

In Flames
Killswitch Engage
Bury Your Dead
Corpus Christi

That would be the most awesome bro-fest of the year.

Okay, last question. Why does Corpus Christi exist as a band? What are some goals that you’d like to accomplish with it?

At the end of the day; after everything is said and done, we exist, as band for the love of playing live with our bro’s.

Goals as a band, in the music business, can be tricky affairs.. Not to say we don’t all have things we’d love to see happen with us or that we don’t have goals period. But most of those we keep private within a tight circle of friends.

I can tell you that our goal for this year is to complete a minimum of 200 dates on the road. Beyond that, we’ll take it as it comes.

Anything you’d like to add before wrapping up?

Go buy our CD then come hang out with us at our shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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