Andy Hunter

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An interview with Andy Hunter
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Written by Joshua Hedlund

After reviewing Andy Hunter’s new electronic EP Collide, I reached out to him about doing an email interview, and he graciously responded. Read on to find out what Andy is up to these days!

I suspect there’s a lot of people like me who know who you are because we try to keep up with Christian music but aren’t very familiar with the dance scene in general. There are a lot of different genres and buzzwords out there so how would you briefly describe the kind of music you create?

That’s an interesting question, there are lot’s of different names for different genres in the dance world and for me I like to say the music I create is just electronic as this gives me the freedom to produce whatever genre I would like. I guess when I am performing I mainly play Trance and Progressive dance music with a touch of breaks!

Tagging on to the last question, what are some other dance musicians we should definitely check out?

Some of my influences would be BT, he has just come out with a great record. Also the DJ Tiesto is bringing out some good stuff at the moment. One of my favourites would be Underworld.

A lot of bands have financial challenges these days as they tour the states in an age of declining album sales. How are things different as a UK DJ, or what challenges do you have?

It’s a similar story, I have just released an ep COLLIDE on my own rather through a record label and so far it’s doing a lot better than my last 2 records which were with labels. The great thing about the release is it felt like the fans were really involved in the release and also spreading the word. I guess that’s the power of being able to connect more with my fans through Facebook and twitter. The difficulty I face though is trying to get my music out to a wider audience without the bigger marketing vehicle of the bigger companies but as the industry changes record companies are not taking risks on the smaller artists like my self.

Technology changes rapidly. How is making electronic music now different than it was, say, when you made Exodus?

I have my own studio now that I have built up since Exodus, I don’t use as many hardware synths as computers are more powerful so you can use more plug-in synths/effects/. Although saying that I still love my old analog synths.

I saw on Twitter recently that you were working on a “sound inspired by 1 Peter 1:16”. What is the writing process for you like as far as inspiration and creation?

In order for me to write and produce, I have to be inspired and a lot of that comes through my faith and scripture. Once I have been inspired I start to convey that message/feeling through the music.

Phil metaled asks, When’s the next full length coming out and will there be any collaborations on it with other artists/DJs, whether Christian or secular?

I’m not sure when the next full length is coming out but I am currently starting to get in touch with some artists for collabs. I have just finished a remix for Peter Furler and was chatting to him about a possible collab.

Is it true that you are playing Main Stage at Cornerstone this summer? How are you feeling about that gig compared to the old dance barn?

Yes, I am playing there on the Wednesday night. I’m looking forward to it, it’s nice that a festival like that is wanting to put a different kind of artist on mainstage, although I love the atmosphere in the dance barn.

Jason Fancher asks, I saw on Twitter awhile ago you were working for Peter Furler on his solo album, what is that like?

I really enjoyed working on that project and wish I could have committed to more time on the whole project. I ended doing some extra production on 2 songs and a remix of his next single. He is a great talent and the ideas come thick and fast when you love a vocal!

Phillip asks, I saw your name mentioned in the book Red Moon Rising. I was a fan of yours before reading this book, and I was wondering if you are still involved with the 24/7 prayer movement and if you have any comments about the movement?

It’s an amazing movement and I was leading worship as a DJ at the conference where it started, it’s amazing to see how it has grown and spread around the world and how God is using it to change peoples lives and also societies. It seems to be going from strength to strength.

You’ve been involved in the “Christian music industry” for a long time, whether it’s releasing albums, creating remixes, or producing the score of Expelled. How have you seen the industry change over the years, and where do you see it going or where do you hope it goes?

I guess it’s been going the same way as the music industry in terms that the big labels are struggling because the way people access music is far different from 10 years ago. I think in order to survive it has to be flexible to cope with how technology and distribution is changing at a fast pace.

What do you like to do these days when you’re not creating music?

Hang with my family and friends down the beach with a BBQ.

Do you play any of the video games your work has been featured in and what is your favorite?

I use to play ssx 3 snowboarding, i think that was the only one.