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Throwback Review 6: Well-Wisher - Counselor

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It’s that time of the week – Throwback Thursday! Today’s band showed a lot of promise but personal differences, growing up, and moving apart ultimately was the band’s demise. Well-Wisher stands as a great nod to what could have been.


Counselor was a melodic hardcore band with pop-punk and indie elements based out of Muskegon, MI. that released music during 2012 and 2013. A few singles preceded Well-Wisher and a fully EP followed. However, the latter suffers from incredibly poor production and mixing that sadly ruins the listening experience.


Well-Wisher thankfully was mixed and produced separately and is thusly pristine. Though sitting at only two tracks, it stands as the highlight of the group’s work. Musically, the songs are definitely softer than any of their other releases. There’s a fair share of emo. pop-punk, and indie influence at play, with heartfelt lyrics hearkening to the mono no aware sentiments that accompany lost friendships. Hauntingly, it in ways summarizes the band’s untimely end. Well-Wisher is simply a strong pair of no-nonsense songs that are artfully self-confident. There are no needlessly-complex riffs, nor are there vague and poetic lyrics. It’s to the point, and it’ll definitely hit home for anyone who has gone to college or moved across the county.

While the group is defunct, you can check out their Bandcamp page below. As a plus, their vocalist/guitarist has a new band called Cold Winds that brings a power and heavy emotional hardcore sound to the table. Check them out on Facebook and find their lead single below.

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