Song of the Day: Archetype's Collide - My Own Device vs Fade Away (After Hours)

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This crossover band’s sound totally reminds me of Wage War. I really like them as their vocalist is actually the creative director at his church. Check out these lyrics from another of their earlier songs. Follow this band as they are doing big things.

I’ll shout Your name, for You alone are King. And I’ll sing Your praise, ’cause You reign in me. Though I stumble and stray from the path, You never cease to love me with open hands. Though I may falter, You never alter. You love the same in spite of my past. We sing praise to the One who is forever changing never. God of grace, God of love; my life I surrender; for a hope I can live for. We sing praise to the One. I will dance and I will sing in the name of my King. Like David in the streets, we are free.


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