Song of the Day: EDL:-One's Own Self

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EDL (Everyday Life) is one of my fave bands of all time. I remember hearing this demo CD along with Gryp’s Indecision back in the day & buying them. I was amazed at both & have followed them since those days. I have a few of the band members on social media & have spoken to a couple. This first album by EDL was raw & has always been my favorite. Other songs such as Bystander, Perseverance & Dis are awesome.

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Nathan Atwood
Nathan Atwood
February 19, 2022 7:45 pm

Timo, It’s so funny you posted this, I also used to listen to this album in the 90’s, and I just listened to Disgruntled last week on my work commute. Lots of good songs, they did not get the attention or recognition they deserved. I also enjoyed some tracks on their sophomore album, American Standard.

Thanks for the posts you make, and the attention you bring to these Christian albums, I always enjoy your writing and input on music!

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