Song of the Day: Crimson Moonlight - The Suffering

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Beware, this song can cause massive headbanging with the pummeling sound from your speakers! Sweden’s Crimson Moonlight is one of the bands that I first heard of back in the day when I was stationed in the army. Met this guy named The Bat wearing a These 5 Down shirt & we became fast friends 20 some years ago. Check out his music on Reverb nation if you like industrial & hard trance here:  I mean how many Christian metalheads do you meet in your everyday life right?  Anyways, CM have continued making music & even performed about an hour from me at the Audiofeed festival in 2019. Also included a live version so you can feel the intensity.

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Mark K
Mark K
June 24, 2021 5:52 am

Thanks for sharing the live recording! It sounds fantastic and gives me a new appreciation for the song. I need to go back and listen to the album. I was somewhat disappointed in it after the huge wait and with Veil of Remembrance being, at that point, a top 5 album for me.

Still excited for the new material being worked on.

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