Song of the Day: Children Of The Consuming Fire - Speed Metal Mariachis (Four Men Looking For A Job)

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Children of the Consuming Fire appear to have risen from the southern California Vineyard ministry with their record label housing alt-rock bands such as Asight Unseen & The Violet Burning. This SOTD has a live video you can find on Youtube as well, but was hard to catch the music atmosphere. The band did not catch much airplay that I remember, but with the cool bass line and the driving music, I really dig the band & song name. I think the band had a fun time on this track. Hope you do also! But, for a disclaimer, the band sound is not speed metal (at least for the rest of the tracks), but is more akin to 90s modern rock.

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December 6, 2021 8:16 am

My girlfriend. Sent me this article. Thank you for such a kind review 😊

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