Metalcore Collab: Our Eternity - Bloodstained

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Fit For A King vocalist Ryan Kirby (band whom is on my bucket list to see live) & Currents guitarist Chris Wiseman (whom I have seen live last year) have teamed up for this new band Our Eternity. Starting with a keyboard intro then crescendoing into almost a black metal scream before erupting into a metalcore verse complete with clean & unclean vocals is how this barnburner rolls. To hear this & other loud music, tune in to the Castingsuchathinshadow radio show on Ripper Radio from 6-7 pm CST. Below are the lyrics

I see your sorrow, I feel the pain inside
I feed off your fear when you’re afraid to die
When the sky turns black and all your veins run cold
I will be the one to swallow you whole

Tempting what’s delivered with clouds of sulphur breath and clouds filled with venom
The Devil’s anthem
Retreating to the bowels of a beast, residing in the seas of animosity
You can’t escape (You won’t escape) the plague that I will bring

This is absolute power
A reign to decay the graves
Even the strongest will cower
It’s my name they will sing

With your last breath, hold onto faith
(An eternity’s name, wiped away)
The cloth of life bloodstained
(The waters rise and the waves consume)

In the end there is nothing, but the fear that we hold
Face the Lord of the River, or drown in the flood

The light at the end of the tunnel grows dim
Chasing a flicker, praying to see the end

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January 31, 2021 9:45 pm

Sounds a bit like a heavier version of something from Hope For The Dying, which is definitely a good thing!

January 27, 2021 11:22 pm

This is awesome, I love any metal with slight orchestral/electronic/ambient leanings, and this does a great job of adding them in without going too far. The vocals fall into a strange rhythm sometimes but still sound awesome, great anthemic chorus, the guitars are strong and the drumming is on point, there’s nothing I dislike here, listened back to back a few times now.

Missing a few lyrics but no big deal

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