10 Best Pop EPs of 2022 Ranked

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Last week I shared my top 20 rock EPs of 2022 with you. This week I’m back with my top 10 pop EPs of 2022.

10. Margot Osborne – Motion

This EP is short and maybe not the most original sounding but it’s very well done. “Motions” and “Technicolor (Open Up Your Eyes) are both earworms that have been stuck in my head for months now.

9. Olivia Grasso – Risk

Risk delivers on it’s name with a somewhat quirky pop EP. It’s got a great lead single in “Sidelines”, a strong closer in “Disjunct”, and even some thoughtful commentary on “Late Night TV”. It’s a solid debut for an up and coming artist.

8. Requiem Heist – Requiem Heist

I had high hopes for this EP after hearing lead single “Palms” but it ultimately fell a little short of my expectations. Nevertheless, I’d gladly take this EP over most of the CCM releases I’ve heard this year.

7. Mary IvesI’m Sorry

With a sound that’s a mix of R&B, indie pop, and lo-fi this EP probably isn’t going to be for everyone. But if you liked Izzi Ray’s debut album then I highly recommend giving this one a go.

6. Fleurie – It’s Always Summer in Supertropicali (Chapter 2)

Maybe it’s because my expectations were different going in but I found Chapter 2 of Fleurie’s Supertropicali saga much more enjoyable than Chapter 1. It’s quietly become one my most listened to EPs of 2022.

5. Lauren PreussGive Me What I’m Missing!

I haven’t been able to stop listening to “Wrong Time” since it came out. And the rest of the EP pretty good too. If you liked Abby Holliday’s EP last year then Give Me What I’m Missing! is a must listen.

4. Hannah HoneyStinger

Stinger is the indie Christian EP you’ve been waiting for all year. Hannah Honey brings an excellent mix of upbeat tunes and biblically inspired worshipful lyrics with this release.

3. almost a.m.Dim the Night

Disappointed that Twenty One Pilots haven’t dropped a new album (yet!) this year? Well, Dim the Night might be just the fix you need.

2. White Ribbon Day – Across the Water

So this is a little awkward but my second best pop EP of 2022 isn’t available on steaming platforms right now. White Ribbon Day recently announced that they are changing their name and be re-releasing all their music under a new name in 2023. So make a note to revisit this EP next year–you won’t be disappointed!

1. BienColor of Heaven

Sometimes hearing all the songs on an album or EP when they’re released as singles can ruin it. Thankfully that’s not the case here. The songs on Color of Heaven just got better they were packaged together as an EP. It’s catchy, polished, has a great theme, and is my favorite pop EP of 2022.

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