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July 27, 2017

Emery "Be A Part of Our New Bus" Campaign + Live Album

Emery have had their fair share of problems recently with tour vehicles breaking down but the band keeps pressing on like the solid road warriors they are. The band bought a really old bus and are currently in the process of renovating it. As you can see from the LIVE video they filmed yesterday, they still have quite a ways to go (no AC, and in the heat of West Coast). So this is where we call come in. The band has launched a little campaign via their website here where you can get an exclusive 17 track LIVE album for $25. This bus looks totally DIY and Punk Rock! Consider helping them today and keep them on the road so they can continue blowing up speakers all over the U.S. and beyond with their explosive rock n’ roll.

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I met up with Emery’s lead vocalist, Toby Morrell, on the first night of their We Do What We Want Tour in Towson, MD. We discussed the loss of the band’s other lead vocalist, Devin Shelton, hypocrisy in the Church, plans for an acoustic album, and Toby’s love of old hymns and Mexican food. Continued →

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