Names Without Numbers - New Song "Florida" Coming Soon

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Names Without Numbers are back in a big way on January 13th. Their new song “Florida” will drop on that date and we have a little teaser to offer all of you. This is without a doubt the band’s strongest song to date and further reminds me of just how good they are, not just in regards to indie music but rock n roll as a whole. There is a lot of content floating around out there passing off as legitimate music but really lacks the meat and substance. This is not just a good song, this is much more than “great”, and rides closer to “spectacular”. Independent music has heart and that heart beating you feel in the chest is the band Names Without Numbers drawing you in. It all goes down on January 13th but before that, you’ll want to check back here on January 6th for something special. Keep your eyes on the Indie Vision Music YouTube channel in the new year for a surprise.

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