Tag: Elijah

February 20, 2012

While hearing the commotion outside, Elijah presumably sat in a chair at least as manly as this one.

Metaphysical Monday: A Still, Small Voice

Music is a reflection of the character of God.  It shows us the various emotions that God has and the various attributes of God’s character.  When you listen to a Chopin etude, you can be amazed at the complexity of the human mind, which was fashioned in the image of God’s mind.  When you listen to the aggressive sounds of Demon Hunter, you can be reminded of God’s vengeance against sin or His jealousy for our praise.  When you listen to the soothing sounds of a Starflyer 59 song (perhaps No New Kinda Story), you can be reminded of God’s eternal peace and that nothing takes Him by surprise.… Continued →