Lost Ocean

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Eric IVM: Give your name and what you do in the band.
Jeff: Jeff Gray, lead vocal/guitar

Eric IVM: For those who haven’t heard you yet, how would you explain your style?
Jeff: Piano-Centric Alternative Rock

Eric IVM: Where did the name Lost Ocean originate?
Jeff: Two previous song titles of our got married. Once together, we loved the natural implications, imagery, and simplicity of the name.

Eric IVM: What’s Lost Ocean’s story? How did the band begin?
Jeff: I produced a demo for the other three members’ prior band. When members began to shift, I stepped in and eventually became the band’s new singer/guitarist. We had all known each other from common friends and Riverlakes Church.

Eric IVM: How’s the tour with Between the Trees going? Any great stories?
Jeff: BTT is a great band, the tour was killer. Their RV broke down in our hometown. Irony. Some turnouts were good, others were not, but we pushed each other in our live shows and found some amazing friends along the way.

Eric IVM: What’s been playing the most lately in your personal music player?
Jeff: When I drive our van I’m listening to the new Blonde Redhead, the Beatles, Gnarles Barkley, and some Edison Glass prerelease stuff that I’m in love with.

Eric IVM: What’s the best book you’ve read in the past year and why?
Jeff: About six months ago I read The Great Divorce (Lewis). Amazing book because it paints an interesting picture of hell and the afterlife.

Eric IVM: Correct me if I’m wrong on this one, but yours was the fourth album to be released by Credential Records. How did you get hooked up with such a young label, and what is it like helping each other get your feet off the ground?
Jeff: Yes, our self-titled debut album was Credentials fourth release. A friend of ours showed our indie record to our current A&R, Chris York. I spoke with York on the phone for some months and then met up with him in person in LA while he was checking out the Edison Glass record. We really clicked with him. It’s difficult being a new band on a new label with so many established labels already out there, but we feel that our team is so capable and up-and-coming that it will be a worthwhile build.

Eric IVM: What role does your faith play in Lost Ocean?
Jeff: Every member of Lost Ocean has a personal relationship with Christ and listeners will hear an admittance of personal imperfection as well as hope in our lyrics as a result. We are not a Christian band by genre, however.

Eric IVM: How can we at Indie Vision Music best pray for you guys right now?
Jeff: We are having some financial problems as a band right now. If you guys could pray for that as well as putting us in the way of as many people to show love to as possible.

Eric IVM: Thanks for doing this interview. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Jeff: Thank you guys so much.

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