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September 9, 2022

Song of the Day: Torn in Two - Plastic Dreams for Shining Rings

There was a lot of hype surrounding this band when they were first signed by Facedown Records, in large part based on the fact they had three vocalists. While the hype, and sadly also the band, were short-lived (they only released one full-length and one 3-way split album), they definitely generated a healthy buzz in their short existence. And for good reason too. Soli Deo Gloria (roughly translated as “to the glory of God alone”) dropped in 2001, and stylistically the album shows its age. Torn in Two were building off of the heavy, metallic, chugga-chugga or “new school” style hardcore of the 1990s, and adding more metallic leads and riffs without ever fully crossing over into metalcore.… Continued →

June 2, 2015

REVIEW : Attalus - Into The Sea

After a successful crowd funding campaign, then signing with Facedown records, alt-rock band Attalus has really delivered with their new marine themed concept album, 'Into The Sea.' Read on for the full review of this epic record.

January 21, 2013

January 30, 2010

January 26, 2010

January 15, 2009

REVIEW : The Rekoning - The Road Less Traveled

Band: The Rekoning Title: The Road Less Traveled Label: Strike First Release Date: 01/06/09 Review By: JoshIVM Tracklisting: 01. Intro 02. I Believe 03. Road Less Traveled 04. Take Me Away 05. Necessary Violence 06. Paved With Gold 07. Lifetime Away 08. Say What You Will 09. Home Again 10. Anchor 11. Prison Break 12. Constituents 13. Sheep’s Clothing 14. Ain’t Seen Nothing The Rekoning seemingly came out of nowhere to sign with Strike First. I would bet most people were unfamiliar with this 3 piece from Riverside, CA.… Continued →