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The Rekoning - The Road Less Traveled

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Band: The Rekoning
Title: The Road Less Traveled
Label: Strike First
Release Date: 01/06/09
Review By: JoshIVM


01. Intro
02. I Believe
03. Road Less Traveled
04. Take Me Away
05. Necessary Violence
06. Paved With Gold
07. Lifetime Away
08. Say What You Will
09. Home Again
10. Anchor
11. Prison Break
12. Constituents
13. Sheep’s Clothing
14. Ain’t Seen Nothing

The Rekoning seemingly came out of nowhere to sign with Strike First. I would bet most people were unfamiliar with this 3 piece from Riverside, CA. Apparently they released their own EP in 2005 and began touring and caught the attention of nearby Facedown Records. The whole thing makes sense too because it has been some time since the family of labels has had a good punk band and a street/oi! flavored one at that. Fans of The Deal, Hanover Saints, The Huntingtons, and the like will certainly find The Rekoning enjoyable.

I Believe” drops in with an air-raid siren over a nice street punk guitar solo. Josh’s vocals fit quite nicely with the band’s sound and the gang vocals blend well too. Neither are too polished or perfect by any means, but they both complement the band’s style. “Road Less Traveled” has an Irish feel early on and is a big singalong song. I can see a club full of kids dancing around and singing/chanting along. “Necessary Violence” could be a wise choice for a single off of the album. I don’t know why really, but the song really stood out to me. Obviously, with this style there’s no need to go through many songs because they’re going to follow a similar pattern of 3 to 4 chord punk rock, completed with gang vocals, and some guitar licks for good measure.

Overall: The further along I got with this CD the more I enjoyed it! When I first listened to some songs on Myspace I really didn’t care much for it, but I’m glad the album proved me wrong. Fist pumping, fun-loving punk! This album has sparked an interest in me to go back to my roots and start listening to more punk again. That’s where I really began musically and I haven’t really listen to much of it in years. So, thanks to The Rekoning for a great album and for making punk enjoyable for me again!

Standout Tracks: “Road Less Traveled”, “Necessary Violence”, “Ain’t Seen Nothing”

Strike First

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