Song of the Day: Torn in Two - Plastic Dreams for Shining Rings

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There was a lot of hype surrounding this band when they were first signed by Facedown Records, in large part based on the fact they had three vocalists. While the hype, and sadly also the band, were short-lived (they only released one full-length and one 3-way split album), they definitely generated a healthy buzz in their short existence.

And for good reason too. Soli Deo Gloria (roughly translated as “to the glory of God alone”) dropped in 2001, and stylistically the album shows its age. Torn in Two were building off of the heavy, metallic, chugga-chugga or “new school” style hardcore of the 1990s, and adding more metallic leads and riffs without ever fully crossing over into metalcore. As such, it’s one of the heavier hardcore albums without being classed as metalcore.

Genre-bending aside, the band wrote not only catchy riffs and breakdowns, but also very pointed lyrics. “Plastic Dreams for Shining Rings” tackles charlatan preachers and virulent theology, particularly those who prey on the vulnerable by asking for financial contributions in the name of the health-and-wealth or “prosperity” gospel. What did the band think of that kind of theology? Their thoughts can be summed up in the final words of the song: “You fake, you liar!”

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Stephen Young
September 28, 2022 5:42 pm

Wish they went on to do more music

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