Leroy Hamp of War of Ages

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Can you tell us about how WOA came up with the idea to help the victims of the Haitian earthquake?

To be honest Bruce from Living Sacrifice came up with the idea and we were more then happy to join LS with helping Haiti.

Do you guys have any $ goals you hope to donate?

5% of what we make on this tour will be going to the Red Cross for Haiti Relief. I’m not sure how much that will be at the moment, but we’re hoping that together our contribution will help.

Are any other bands on The Abominable Snow Tour helping Haiti as well?

Yes, both Living Sacrifice and The Great Commission are both on board with the Haiti Relief donation.

How important is it that the Church takes an active role in helping the victims of the earthquake?

As Christians it’s important to do what we can. Whatever that may be. However I look at this more individually then that of a group or religion. Christian or not these are hard times financially for families and not everyone can afford to give.  Whether it would be time or money most wouldn’t know where to start. It’s our responsibility research ways to help so we can make a difference.

How pumped are you to start The Abominable Snow Tour?

SOOO PUMPED. If you would of told me a year ago that we would have the opportunity to co-headline with Living I would have laugh. So you can imagine my surprise when this tour offer came across my desk. We’re blessed and honored to be apart of “The Abominable Snow Tour”.

Since you are co-headlining with Living Sacrifice, how are both bands coordinating who closes the show or are you guys going to take turns?

Most of the time bands in these situations take turns with the option of headlining if the promoter feels strongly about one band more then the other. Either way we’re stoked to be apart of the tour!

When can we expect to hear some new WOA songs?

Most definitely! We will be playing two new songs on this tour.

Can you guys give us a rough estimate of when the album will hit the streets?

We had 4 or 5 different options, however April 13 is looking pretty positive.

Can we expect this to be your heaviest and most aggressive album yet?

Heavy, aggressive, melodic, angry, etc… This is our best work to date. The new album “ETERNAL” will play with every emotion you have.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you guys on stage?

This is a loaded question…every embarrassing moment falls on my solders.  Whether I’m falling into Alex drum set, saying the wrong names of bands to a crowd of 1000+ kids, jumping into the air landing on our set list then falling on my back, falling off of a 5 foot stage in Europe, or jumping off a drum riser landing on my face then sliding face first across the stage stopping at the front monitor. I’ve done it all.

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