Mattie Montgomery of For Today

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When is this album going to be released?

February 14th!  Valentines Day

When did God put on your heart to do this project?

This is something I’ve been tossing around for over a year now.  Although, I hadn’t been committed to the idea until about 6 months ago.  That’s when I started talking to people about my vision.  Josh Schroeder jumped on board as soon as I mentioned it to him, as did producer Ted Skolits with Integrity Music (Hillsong United/Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir).

What do you feel are some of the biggest problems/issues are facing our nations youth and our nation as a whole?

I believe that fear is something that is devastating my generation.  Whether it’s fear of failure or fear of abandonment, it keeps us in a place of bondage, separated from true commitment to God and His intentions.

Is there any specific group of people this album is intended for?

God has been giving me a lot of insight into his generational vision.  What I mean by that is this:  While we all function within different people groups, when you push past our race, or our musical preference, or whatever, we are all members of one generation–a generation that I believe God is calling into a whole new paradigm of authority and dominion on the earth.  So, I understand that, in my personal ministry, my horizons are limited, and this may simply serve to bless and challenge the American underground music scene.  But, this was written with my entire generation in mind.

If you could take a glimpse into the future and see how this album influenced peoples lives, what would you hope to see?

I would hope that, in response to this album, there is a group of young men and women who step up their pursuit of God–people that may or may not call themselves “Christians” right now that, after hearing these messages, become so radically devoted to the voice of God that they engage in fasting and prayer, devoting time, daily, to seek the face of God, and to encounter Him on a personal level.

Have you had good response from local churches as you are booking some speaking events?

I have.  Because our ministry is still very predominantly functions within the underground subculture, it’s sometimes unrealistic for us to expect that ALL churches would know who we are, or be interested in having me come minister with them.  But, as God continues to offer favor to us and our ministry, and push me into new levels of sacrifice and dedication to His labor, I am able to come into the church and sometimes challenge the established order of things; which is always an honor.

How did you come to Christ?

People ask me that question a lot.  And, it’s kind of a weird answer.  I really couldn’t tell you.  I was raised in church, reading about this character in a book named Jesus.  And, for years, I wouldn’t call myself a Christian, but I would still be forced into church on Sunday mornings.  I’ve probably prayed 30 salvation prayers in my life, and I don’t know if I could ever point to a single moment and say “That’s when I got saved”.  But, I believe that, as I have wrestled with the true nature of the human Spirit, God has been revealing Himself to me more and more.  My salvation was not necessarily a specific event, as much as it was a process of discovering who God is, and how that understanding should manifest itself in my life.

How does this project affect your time with For Today?

It doesn’t, really.  I recorded the album, and will be doing a couple speaking tours while For Today is on break.  It’s simply something that my wife and I do during our time off.  People have asked me if I am going to leave the band to pursue this project full time.  And, while I could do that, God has very clearly called us to serve here, in this band (at least for the time being), so that is what we will do.

I am sure that you have been preaching this message for a while; do you have any great stories about this message changing people’s lives that you could share with us?

Without going into too much detail, we have seen severely broken arms straighten out in front of our eyes.  We have seen everything from cancer to bi-polar disorder lifted from people’s bodies instantly.  We have seen the chains of addiction to meth, cocaine and heroine broken off at the name of Jesus.  And, most profoundly, we have seen broken hearts restored to fullness by the living God.  Our message is not a complex one.  But, it is a powerful one.  I simply stand on the idea that, if Jesus’ death rendered sin powerless, then the effects of sin in our world must not apply either–this speaks to fear, worry, doubt, hate, brokenness, illness, and even death!  If the Son (Jesus) has made us free, then we are free indeed.

How can the Indie Vision Music family help or pray for your ministry?

Ephesians 6:19 –

“Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel”

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