Song of the Day: Slick Shoes - Last

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Among the plethora of pop-punk bands in the Christian scene, Slick Shoes were one of the best, probably top 5 out of hundreds. Formed in 1994 in Southern California (like most Christian pop-punk bands), they released their debut EP for Tooth & Nail in 1997, then proceeded to release 6 full-lengths, a split with mainstream band Autopilot Off (FKA Cooter) and a live album.

The band won a lot of points with me by taking their name from one of my favorite movies of all time, The Goonies. Interestingly enough, the film features a group of kids on an adventure to save their homes from unscrupulous money-grabbers. The plot, in some ways, could serve as a metaphor for pop-punk: young kids on a dangerous adventure, while trying to avoid being taken advantage of by shady business deals with men in record label offices.

“Last” is one of the greatest pop-punk songs ever recorded. All the elements are there:

-Lyrics about a romantic relationship going slightly wrong? Check.
-Lightning-fast riffs and drumming? Check.
-Mildly whiny, slightly nasal, yet capable vocals? Check.
-Melodic, major-key riffing? Check.

And courtesy of then-guitarist Jackson Mould, we also had a rarity for pop-punk in the form of a flashy guitar solo–somewhat rare (and even maligned) in 90s punk. All in all, this is a fantastic track and a great snapshot of what Christian pop-punk, and 90s-era Tooth and Nail had to offer.

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