New Feel Good Anthems Spotify Playlist

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So Indie Vision Music is on a roll with new Spotify playlists. For those that use Spotify, we are using this as an opportunity to spread the word about new music and artists we think you should be listening to. A mix of indie and larger artists as well as everything in between. All styles represented throughout these various playlists. This new one I just created is called “New Feel Good Anthems” and it is just that. Perfect for those summer drives and introspective quiet moments. Check it out below. Also be sure to follow the Indie Vision Music profile for other great playlists like “90’s Hardcore Anthems”, “New Song Hits”, “More 90’s Rock Anthems”, 2000’s Hardcore and Metal”, “More 2000s Rock Anthems”, plus the New Release Playlists and more! Enjoy!

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