Mainframe & No Lost Cause Now Available on All Digital Networks +IVM News

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Mainframe “Burn The Boats” and No Lost Cause “Slow It Down” are both now available through all Digital Networks. You can also grab Mainframe “Burn The Boats” on CD from IVM right here or here. CDs ship next week. Don’t forget to check out the new Heart Like War single “What We Do” with Leanor Ortega Till of Five Iron Frenzy on sax, through all digital networks. Next week Small Wars “Small Wars” 4 song ep/7″ will be out through IVM. *Vinyl will ship in June or July as soon as it is completed. All orders of Small Wars right here will get instant download of the ep on release day. Last release of April and for several weeks will be Must Build Jacuzzi “Last Place” and I am truly excited about this release among all the other fantastic albums put out this past month. Tapes are going fast due to it’s limited nature so get yours right here. After these “Metallic Gold” ones sell out it will not be reprinted and next pressing will be on a new color. Now on to the really exciting announcement, Indie Vision Music can officially say we have Billboard Charting Songs on the Nielsen Top Christian Rock Charts! It may seem insignificant and so small time but for a label like IVM with no team, no employees, no radio staff, this is a huge accomplishment. I’ve been working so hard at this for nearly 18 years and have never reached such a powerful ranking. This is only the beginning and there is still so much more to offer. If you want to help IVM continue charting, call BrokenFM or visit them at and make your requests. The songs below are the ones I have charting.

1. Heart Like War “What We Do (feat. Leanor Ortega Till)
2. Grandpa Loves Rhinos “What We Used To Do)
3. Mainframe “Don’t Look Back” (Value Pac Cover)
4. Craig’s Brother “Meilynn’s Song”
5. Light The Way “Holy Ghost”

-Also Getting Airplay-
At The Wayside “Lose One Friend, Lose All Friends, Lose Yourself”
Light The Way “BRKN”

Let’s get The Prettybads “My Molecules”, No Lost Cause “Slow It Down”, Small Wars “Bombs” Or “Sweetest Girl”, and Must Build Jacuzzi “3rd Out Of 3 Ain’t Bad” some airplay. Please request those songs by calling BrokenFM or Tweeting @brokenfm. You can also request our songs on RadioU as well as any other independent station playing good indie punk/emo/ska/rock.

Thank you so much to all of you and people i’ve never met. I have been running Indie Vision Music since July of 2000 and these past 18 years have been a total blessing despite the ups and downs. This is only the beginning. Today is my 40th Bday and I feel like the happiest guy on Earth thanks to my family and a great community here.

God Bless!

-Brandon Jones
Indie Vision Music

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