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Miqedem Release New Album "Vol. 2"

The uniquely individual Israeli music group known as Miqedem are back with their second full length effort of original songs composed entirely in Hebrew and centered around sacred biblical text. This is worship music done not by hipsters in the Nashville spotlight or big arena Christian rock events, but by a group of messianic jews who are composing something fresh and entirely original.… Continued →

April 13, 2018

Mainframe & No Lost Cause Now Available on All Digital Networks +IVM News

Mainframe “Burn The Boats” and No Lost Cause “Slow It Down” are both now available through all Digital Networks. You can also grab Mainframe “Burn The Boats” on CD from IVM right here or here. CDs ship next week. Don’t forget to check out the new Heart Like War single “What We Do” with Leanor Ortega Till of Five Iron Frenzy on sax, through all digital networks.… Continued →

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