IVM Merch Sale

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Get all 4 of the most recent Indie Vision Music CD releases for just $16! Click here to order your CD 4 pack. I also have other items in the store as well so be sure to browse the selection at this link. At The Wayside cds will be in next week and begin shipping at that time. *All orders of the CD 4 pack beginning today will include very special Must Build Jacuzzi and Mainframe logo stickers! Those Tape releases look tasty so don’t miss out on them. Once the 6 Tape releases are gone in our webstore, they will never be printed again. Pennylane and Mainframe tapes are extremely limited. The Prettybads “Meet the Prettybads” and Small Wars Vinyl will be in stock hopefully in June and will begin shipping at that time. Last but certainly not least, I hear whispers that tell if you spend $15 or more you’ll get a sweet discount!

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