Demon Hunter "Outlive" Unboxing by Lee Brown

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I’m excited to bring you this little IVM exclusive unboxing of the deluxe edition “Outlive” set that our writer Lee Brown just filmed. I have uploaded it to the IVM YouTube page so please check it out below and feel free to comment. Thanks Lee!

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Austin G

Lee, at 5:43 in the video, when you were comparing the liner notes to a regular album size, I noticed the gold foil art you held up was not in the postcard set or included in the wall collage. Was that a Campaign exclusive?


VERY cool!


I’m not a fan of this, in all honesty. Folding the banner…eww. I wish they would have some kind of giant box set with all their CDs, instead. I would buy that for a premium price instead. The seal on the cert is sweet, but that’s about it, other than the CD.

Sory 2 burst yur buble, lee, but thers alredy like 2 “unboxin” vids on yutube (Or 3, if u count ryans own that was postd yestaday, lol)

Norman Cruz

There’s another? I’ve only seen 3, so far, including this one and the Pledge video Ryan made.

Austin G

Yes, Phil is alive! I’ve missed reading your comments :D