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March 12, 2019

Who Is This God Person Anyway?

Lee Brown who was a writer and prominent member of the IVM family here (not to mention a Pastor), has written his second book and it is available via Amazon right here. The book is titled “Who Is This God Person Anyway?”. The forwards of this book were written by Leanor Ortega Till of Five Iron and Seth Hecox formerly of Becoming The Archetype. I think you’ll all find something of great depth here in this book and some challenging questions that are raised. The book is available both as a paperback and as a digital copy via Amazon here.… Continued →

March 23, 2017

November 15, 2013

November 7, 2013

October 31, 2013

October 24, 2013

In the Silence of the Mind - Thinking/Over/Thinking - Part 2

In the Silence of the Mind: October 25, 2013 Thinking/Over/Thinking – Part 2 – Thinking about Ourselves Lee Brown: FaceBook l Website l Twitter l Pick up a copy of Here’s How Trek back through the Silence: Thinking over Thinking Part 1Pastor’s Appreciation Month Part 1 l Part 2 l Purity in the Media Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 “I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”Continued →

October 18, 2013

September 19, 2013

In the Silence of the Mind: Purity in the Media - Part 2

In the Silence of the Mind: September 19th, 2013 Purity in the Media: Part 2. In part one of In The Silence of the Mind: Purity in the Media I recounted a pivotal moment in my life where my preferred media choices and my devotion to Christ came to a head. Let’s continue our journey together by starting with a great quote from an amazing author. “Christians aren’t really so different from non-Christians, certainly not on the scale you would expect considering the promises of love, joy, and peace boldly pronounced from thousands of pulpits across the land.Continued →