20 Years Ago.....

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I posted this on the IVM Facebook page and I am going to re-post it here for discussion purposes. View the pic below and read the text.


20 years ago these albums released not to win prestigious awards, platinum plaques, feature length front page articles in “current” magazines of the time period but yet there was something about their simple edgy nature that certified these artists in many of our minds as “classics”. These bands may never reach that legendary notoriety that comes with multiple platinum sales, videos on TV, singles on the radio, and all that jazz but it doesn’t matter. What these artists achieved was a simple fete of sharing the gospel in a powerful, life changing manner that inspired one to think about his or her life in a deep and meaningful way. So when we look back with fondness on a certain decade of music let us not forget the true Christian pioneers that paved the way for the music you hear today.

These “8” releases aren’t the only definitive albums of 1994, there were many more from artists like Circle of Dust, Deliverance, Living Sacrifice, The Prayer Chain, as well as all the great underground artists that didn’t get their time in the spotlight. What this post merely does is serve as a reminder that you don’t need platinum sales, awards, “singles” on the radio, framed magazine articles from Rolling Stone (and other mags), to make a difference in one’s life. Just like the explosive DIY punk and hardcore scene that was blowing up during that same time period, these artists existed to challenge our mindsets and engage us to think about life differently. To embrace love, understanding for the Gospel, and teach others what we’ve learned. There were artists that came before, there are artists that came after, and there will be artists that will continue to play long after we have all passed on. What’s important is that these artists left their mark on people’s lives and that mark is still felt to this day. Just ask the young pastors, youth pastors, ministry workers, and other Christians who have been inspired or continue to be inspired over time from this music. I will go ahead and list the 8 albums in this pic below for you to check out on your own and you are all free to discuss. Also keep in mind that wikipedia is not the most accurate source for album release dates and discography information. Most of the dates for the T&N albums are wrong. I know because I have the albums with the dates clearly displayed. Anyway, enjoy this little post and let’s reflect on a great debut year for both Tooth & Nail and Christian music in general.

Plankeye “Spill”
Poor Old Lu “Sin”
Blenderhead “Prime Candidate For Burnout”
Starflyer 59 “Silver”
Six Feet Deep “Struggle”
Unashamed “Silence”
P.O.D. “Snuff the Punk” (Original Cover)
Focused “Bow”

Honorable Mentions: The Prayer Chain, The Blamed, Deliverance, Living Sacrifice, Circle of Dust