Too Bad Eugene Returns

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One of my favorite 00’s pop-punk/melodic punk acts – Too Bad Eugene, returns this year with new music. While we await such a magnificent return by Adam Nigh and company, the band has just put up the now classic year 2000 full length, “At Any Rate”, for download and streaming on all digital networks. For the first time in over 20 years you’ll finally be able to listen to this album I’ve been raving about ever since it’s release on CD 20 years ago. This was the debut record and one that set everything in motion for the short lived act. Originally released on Mike Herrera’s (MxPx) label “Rock City Recordings” in 2000, the album met critical acclaim and remained an underrated gem for many years. The band would go on to record a more somber sophomore effort titled “Moonlighting” which released on Tooth & Nail Records in 2002. They went on hiatus not long after that album. You can also find a rare “unreleased” song titled “In Memory Still” on “I’m Your Biggest Fan Vol. 2” and hopefully the band will re-release that song as well in the near future. Stay tuned for more. Listen via Spotify right here. Find the band on Facebook here. @toobadeugene on Twitter and Instagram.

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